Smith, Clark & Associates LLC is a full service land surveying firm led by a team of professionals with over 20 years experience. Originally founded in 2009 as Smith, Kolb & Associates. Our team serves clients across Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Smith, Clark & Associates  is committed to providing our clients an accurate, insightful and economical solution to their project needs.

By focusing on surveying and mapping services, our staff serve as experts in the field. Drawing on a wealth of project experience and lessons learned, Smith, Clark & Associates serves as an extension of the client’s team, working closely with developers, property owners, municipalities, architects and engineers to gather the data that is critical to design and construction. By offering comprehensive surveying services, Smith, Clark & Associates can help clients make informed design decisions and ensure that construction phases progress smoothly avoiding costly delays and re-design time.

Smith, Clark & Associates delivers on it’s promise of insightful solutions and quality service. Each project is managed by a principal of the firm who coordinates the field technicians, CAD designers and all other resources required to meet the client’s needs. This level of attention to detail is unparalleled by larger engineering firms who provide surveying services as one of many in-house disciplines.

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